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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And it's only Tuesday.

Things are not getting any better in the life of Barrie. And it sucks, because I can't explain any of these things to you, my dearest internet. But things are sorta hectic. In every aspect. In every way.

But at least I get to see She Wants Revenge tonight. And at least it's only $8. And if I want to cry, I can blame it on the music being oh so good. Although, I doubt I'd really cry because I think I did that enough at the studio, in the car, at the locker room in the gym and at home that I'm all cried out for today.

Fucking shit for fuck. I hate being a girl sometimes.

The good news is no one died. Shit, where's wood! Must. Knock. On. Wood!


Blogger Mr. Blonde said...

Cheer up... at least you have a stunningly handsome internet buddy!

What do you mean who? ME

What do you mean who's "ME"? ME - Mr.Blonde

NO not Michael Madsen!! ME!!

Ok that was my frail attempt at humour to try and make you laugh... my material is usually way better then that, but surprisingly it's hard when you hardly know the person. Don't know how far I can go with the "dark humour" without offending.

K... I'll shut the fuck up now. Hope you have a kick ass night!

Nuff Said

6:38 PM  
Blogger Mayarn said...

I was supposed to see Electric Six on valentines day. They still had tickets at the door the last time I went to see them, so I wasn't too worried. But NOOOOOO...damn She Wants Revenge is opening for them and since they're all over MTV right now, the show's sold out. ARGH!

(I just found this out today, the day we were going to get tickets. It still hurts a little.)

7:41 PM  

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