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Monday, February 06, 2006

Everyone basically blows.

So, it looks like Caitlin is the only one willing to go with me to Coachella. And that's not even definite. As she has to find out when her finals are and won't know until the end of February, maybe March.

And here's what the plan is. We're flying. And then renting a car there so we can travel around California/Canada/Mexico/wherever. Beth is gonna meet us after the festival (she doesn't like festivals anymore apparently), and if all goes well we can stay with friends along the way (Mark?).

I can't believe I asked like 50 people and no one wants to go. All I know is that I'm going, whether it be by myself or with a friend. I'M FUCKING GOING! And if anyone tells me, "Man, I should've gone." I'll punch them in the nuts and spit in their face.

Sorry, it's Monday.


Blogger Mr. Blonde said...

You go girl!! (shaking head and snapping fingers).

Take the same advice you gave me ang GO! Although going on a road trip and going to a bar is a little different... just a little. :P

8:59 AM  

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