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Friday, February 03, 2006

A Coachella Update: Most likely maybe.

So far 4 of my friends are giving me either a "most likely" or a "maybe" on the whole Coachella thing. I wish they could all fast forward 30 years from now and realize you don't get opportunitites to see all these great bands in one place at one time, PLUS take a road trip across the West. Because years from now they'll have babies and have more excuses. It only gets worse from here folks. It only gets worse from here.

Steve- Maybe. He's about 75% down!
Maya- No. She has finals that week. Damn Grad School!
Devin- Maybe. He's iffy on the whole road trip thing, but really wants to go.
Carl- No. He never does anything without Anja's approval. But he's cool, so I give him some slack.
Beth- Maybe. It would be a YES if I knew I had the free tickets already. Cause she's cheap like me. Us Jews must stick together!!!
Caitlin- Maybe. She has to look at her school schedule. I'm crossing my fingers.
Oconnell- No. It's just not his thing. He's pretty much only into TV.
Jessie- The only one who hasn't replied, cause she doesn't have access to a computer all the time. Yo Bender, move back to El Unitedo Stateseo!

Sometimes I wish my friends were more spontaneous like me. Cause I know if any of them asked me to go, I wouldn't even have to think about it.


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Blogger Mr. Blonde said...

Carl kinda sounds like I used to be. I'd never do anything without Nancy's approval. Now that I'm single though, none of my friends go on road trips. Would you go on your own if it comes down to it?

6:23 AM  

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