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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Okay, Coachella it is.

The set list came up today on coachella.com and it's even more amazing then Bonnaroo. Check it and go. And if my sister plays her cards right she can get me free tickets. Please sister, you are the most awesome sister in the world of all the worlds you believe in!!!

Which brings me to my topic for today. My sister and I.

I can't remember being that close to her when I was young. Having a 12 year age gap didn't help matters of course. But over the past 7 or so years, we've become as tight as can be. And she always likes to mention that I'm the favorite daughter. I'm not sure if she's keeping score, but let's see why this could be.

1. I'm the baby. And in a sense, that's exactly how I'm still treated. I never asked for this position in life, nor do I like it at times. As I'm 27 and the last time I checked I didn't smell like baby powder or poop all day long.

2. I grew up when my parents had more money and thus, I was just a tad spoiled. Not spoiled in the Super Sweet 16 way, but in the can you help me pay for my car kinda way. They hardly ever said no to me. And I always knew my boundaries. But I think they secretly liked spoiling me. It's that whole, you're getting what we didn't have thing. Who knows. I know I don't.

3. I was the "wanted" child, where my sister was a "mistake". What a horrible word for life. A mistake. But basically, she wasn't planned. And at the age of 20, I'm sure my mom didn't really want to change diapers all day. She was a hippie remember?

So, because of all this tension with our family, my sister sorta cut off ties for awhile with my mom. It was something we all understood. And now that my mom is getting a divorce (FINALLY!) my sister has come back to her with arms opened wide and helped more then I ever could. She's been with her almost every weekend. She calls all the time. She takes my Mom to Target and gets her IT friends to give her spanking new computers for only a hundred dollars. She helped her move. And many other things I probably can't say on this here computer.

Meanwhile, all I can do is send my Mom a measly gift certificate to Bed Bath and Beyond and another secret present I can't mention because I know the Mom reads this and it's on her way shortly.

I may be the favorite daughter, for reasons we'll never understand. But right now, my sister is doing everything she possibly can to be the only daughter she knows how to be.

I love you, Alyse.


Blogger Mr. Blonde said...

Very cool. Me and my sister couldn't stand each other growing up. Now however, we're pretty close and actually hang out together from time to time. Crazy.

12:00 PM  
Blogger marcia said...

How special! What a nice tribute to your wonderful sister & she wasn't a mistake. Where did you ever hear that? I love you both & to now be able to have realtionships with both of my daughters makes my heart sing.

3:38 PM  

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