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Monday, February 13, 2006

It's not that dirty.


I went here on Saturday, and to the few people that didn't want to come with me because they feared it might be too risque. I say pooey on you! It was just a different thing to do on a Saturday night, and it was definitely interesting to see. If this pops up in your neighborhood, go see it! I love art, and smut is right up my alley- so going to see the combination of the two was pretty cool and entertaining and not at all too sleazy.

I really have nothing else to blog about. Oh wait, yes I do!!!

A friend of mine asked me to help him write these cartoons:


He didn't think they were funny enough, so he asked me to help. He wants to make 12 shorts and send them to Adult Swim, where hopefully we can all become famous. It's seriously the coolest thing someone has asked me to do. And I've already emailed him with like 20 ideas. Even if it went nowhere, I'd at least have something to add to my collection of hats or pies, or whatever the expression is when you can do lots of things.

Okay, sorry for the lame blog today. I have all these other things on my mind and I just can't be witty or come up with a story just to entertain you, you internet! Okay!


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