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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I've discovered the funniest shit happens at the gym. Ya know why? Because the people there are fucking stupid.

1. Old fucker.

I'm on the ellipitical, and across from me is a guy, maybe in his 70's, walking backwards on the treadmill. At first, I thought he was kinda confused. He's old. You never know? But, no, he was really truly trying to walk backwards, for like a good 15 minutes.

So, what the fuck is the point of this? Did his crazy doctor tell him the only way to live a long healthy life, is to walk the wrong way on treadmills. Nevermind the fact that it's kinda hard to walk backwards for a long period of time, especially in your 70s. Who cares if you fall and possibly break a hip. Walking backwards means leaner legs which ultimately means a longer life.

2. The stupid chick in the morning.

I started going in during the am, because it's getting warmer and stuff. And it's definitely an improvement. No long lines. And a lot less hectic all around. My number one reason for liking the mornings, is the no kids factor. Because the one place I think kids should not be near, is at the gym. Especially since there's a big sign that the kids ignore saying, No one under 14 is permitted to use the equipment. Yet time and time again, I would see 10 year old using the fucking treadmill. You're 10! Go outside and fucking play in dirt like other normal kids.

Okay, so my one complaint about the morning is the stupid chick who's only job is to hand me towels. She sits there, and stares off in space. Sometimes she says hi to me. Sometimes she just looks stupid. I've been doing the morning thing for quite some time, where I know she must recognize me. Except every time I see her, she acts as though I'm a newbie. I always have to ask her for a towel. And every single time, she hands me a big towel. And I tell her, "No, you stupid whore. I always ALWAYS get a small towel. REMEMBER???!!" But she never remembers. She just says, oh and I scribble something not even close to resemebling my name on the stupid towel sign out sheet, because the stupid towel sign out sheet is stupid. In fact, the whole towel procedure is fucking stupid. But it's free, so really I shouldn't complain. Because free always equals awesome. Unless, it's crabs. Then, not so awesome.


Blogger Mr. Blonde said...

LMAO - It's refreshing to see that women can also be impatient and as vulgar as I am. Gives me hope that the world it going to turn out ok.

6:20 AM  

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