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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gold indeed.

So, I belong to Gold's Gym because it's walkable to my apartment and pretty cheap. It's your standard gym, except unlike all the old people at the Ferndale Y, this one is known as the gay gym (and I am not, despite what my mother thought in college). It's honestly way better than any other gym I've been too. I don't have to worry about being cute (not like I ever did) and everyone is very friendly.

But the major plus is that there aren't any body building, grunters that usually stare at themselves too much in the weight area. Instead I get awesome characters. Like the dude who is so into the ellipitical machine that he let's everyone know by singing and throwing his arms up in the air. I kinda wish I would see him everyday, because he makes me laugh and we've never even talked. Seriously, whatever he's listening to or doing all the time must be the most fun ever. He was bouncing around like he had front row tickets to a Madonna concert.

I've never had that much fun on the ellipitical. I think the most fun I've had working out was when Kelly (shout out!) and I went to the park awhile back and did the "Friends" run, where you run like a child, with your arms and legs flaring out like you just don't care who sees. It actually kinda worked as I hate running, and it at least made us laugh.


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