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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hail on Burgers

That's what we named our weekend at The Gorge. I'm so glad I decided to go for 2 days to Sasquatch, as everything was too much fun. Let's share some moments, shall we?

1. The bands. Honestly, the first day was kinda a blur. I don't really remember seeing anything up until Ben Harper and Flaming Lips. I do know that you should all go see Flaming Lips, because they put on a real fun show, complete with dancing santas and aliens. And the lead singer came out in a huge ball and was thrown out into the crowd, via the ball. Total insanity!
Beck and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were also highlights! I missed most of the one band I wanted to see (Architecture in Helsinki) but I made it for Do the Whirlwind, so I was happy.

2. The HAIL! During Neko Case, it suddenly got a little chilly, then rainy, then HAIL! FOR 30 MINUTES! People couldn't do anything but laugh and huddle. 2 of our 4some went to get us all burgers, so now me and my friend were hiding underneath someone elses blanket, then we decided to run to a safer place, because the blanket was only doing so much as these pellets were kinda starting to hurt. We luckily ran into our 2 friends, who luckily kept the burgers safe. The whole scene was priceless. We were all running and screaming and laughing. Everyone! It was hilarious, and honestly I think that kinda made the whole experience worth while.

3. Dominic. He is one of those guys who's friends with everyone, and he was with us for this little trip. He immediately bartered beer for food at our campsite and we all quickly made friends with our neighbors. The second day there, we kinda lost him and on the third morning he still hadn't showed up. Apparently, he was so drunk that he lost his glasses and who knows what he did, but he didn't sleep at all because he was looking for our tents without any success. Finally, on Monday at around 8amish he wanders in still trashed. It was all too much. What a character. He definitely added to the trip.

And there you have it. We laughed a lot. Listened to a lot of music. And made some friends along the way.


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