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Monday, June 05, 2006

Bums of the bummers

I walk around a lot in Seattle. There's a park not even a block away. And I live in a very up and coming area, where shops and restaurants and bums are abound.

I remember when I lived in NYC for a short while, that the one thing I couldn't stand were all those damn people. And even worse, all the bums asking you for shit. Seattle is by no means like NY, but recently, the bums find me and decide, "She's a good target to bother. Let's attack!"

No matter what I'm doing, at any given time, I get at least 5 people asking me for something. At 6:30am, while walking over to the gym, I had a bum ask me for a cigarette (when I clearly wasn't having one, what with my gym clothes on). I obviously said no.

Then there's the cell phone thing. Seems like people love asking me questions when I'm having a personal conversation on my cell phone. You wouldn't bother someone who's talking in a phone booth, so bums of the world should use that common respect for all people on a phone. Not a day goes by, where I'm on my phone in the park and someone asks me for directions, a cigarette, some money and/or my blood. I either answer them or just ignore, but one of these days I know I might flip out and then the bum will kill me with his shopping cart and I'll be on KOMO news.


P.S. My friend Carl is officially famous. He did those new VW Jetta commercials, the ones where people stereotype you for owning a Jetta. I was so proud of him, I actually picked up the phone and told him so. Congrats again!


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thanks for the shout out.


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