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Friday, May 26, 2006

Fuck you boxes!

I'm almost all unpacked. My "shit" came yesterday. They only "lost" one box and "broke" one tv. I only put those in parenthesis, because I'm gonna try my hardest to get the money back for these items, but for some reason I feel a "i'm getting screwed" moment coming. And I know that without a camera, they might have a hard time believing me. I guess I can always buy a disposable one. Arghhh....

But now I'm in hanging hell. This is the part I dread the most. This is where I wish I had Mike here to help. And when I say help, I mean just do it for me. Because it sucks. I know I'll mess up 10 times, and then I'll finally get the screw in the wall and realize I don't want it there. Maybe I'll do something else. There's still loads of boxes to take to the recycling and oh yeah, PACKING FOR SASQUATCH!!!!! Yes, maybe hanging will just have to wait till Monday.

P.S. As I was cutting 5 plastic bags, I decided that t-shirts might do better as a rug. So, I'm gonna treat myself to $10 worth of hmmmm... either green or purple t-shirts (really, whatever I find in all one color, or hues). And it was funny that Maya commented that I should get Knitting with a Twist, cause I just joined the library and picked that book up a few days ago. Spooky!

P.P.S. I'm still totally procrastinating doing anything else to my apartment, as you can tell by this jibber jabber nonsense goobley goop of a blog.


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