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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

29 days and counting...

I haven't had a real vacation in about 4 years. Sure, I went to Atlanta last year and I've been home a handful of times but here are the reasons neither of those count.

1. I was visiting a friend. Which basically means I have to end up doing what they're doing. I have to wait for her to come home with the car. I have to eat what she's eating.

2. Parents + Really Bad Arguments, does not = vacation

Don't get me wrong. I had fun (1. and when I would hang out with my sister in 2.) Just not relaxing, vacation fun.

And although, in 29 days I won't be going somewhere exotic and I won't be laying on a beach or anything. I'll be able to do whatever I want. We're gonna have so much fun, that I wish the 29 days was tomorrow! And well, techinically we could go to the beach. It's only a 5 minute drive. So fuck it, we're going to the beach too! And we're gonna see The Singles apartments. And maybe even Kurt Cobain's house (if I can actually find it). And then we're gonna do nothing at all. And then we're gonna do everything. Hooray for vacations!

But one of the things I really want to do with my 9 WHOLE DAYS OFF! is go to Vancouver. I'm thinking only a day trip, as I must remember I get paid less/I pay twice as much rent than I used to. I figured we'll hit up some kind of coffeeshop (not the kind of place you get coffee). But I've been scouring the internet, and it looks like it's not as easy to buy stuff as you'd think. Most coffeeshops just let you smoke there, but I can't find any that actually sells. And although I hear it's everywhere, I rather get it from an actual establishment and not Dirty Pete in the alley. Blogland, any help here?

Besides that, I know I want to go to this Chinese garden place, and Chinatown. Not sure how it compares to Toronto's or New York's but I read that it's up there. And if you blog people have suggestions too, I'll take them. Just remember, I'll be there for a day. Drive there. Eat lunch. Smoke. Probably eat some more. See maybe 2 cool things. Drive back.

Okay, now it's back to work I go!


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