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Monday, May 15, 2006

Mommy, don't cry...

So, it's official. Today my mom and dad are officially divorced. They signed the papers and all. No longer husband and wife. No more till death do they part shit. And all that other stuff celebrities say to eachother when you know it's doomed from the get go. I mean, I knew my parents were always doomed, but I never thought my mom could go through with it. But I'm glad she did, right?

When my mom told me this morning, although I knew it was happening it still felt weird to actually hear. After a little over 30 years, there's nothing left. I should be happy, but I just feel a little confused really. Actually, hearing my mom cry made it worse. We both know she had to do it, but making it final is harder than you'd think. I haven't been sad for awhile now, and suddenly I'm crying at work. Eek! Where are my sunglasses...

I always kinda figured my mom would just stick with it, even though she was miserable, I was miserable, etc. etc. Now that it's done, I'll just be another statistic. Another kid with divorced parents. Except I'll never have to go through the custody battle bullshit or do the whole visit 2 families over the holidays thing. No fucking siree.

Now let's go back to our regularly scheduled program, shall we....


Blogger Kelly said...

I'm sorry Barrie.

It's never an easy situation when your parents get divorced, even if it ends up being a good thing later, there's no way around the confusion and the pain.

I hope you and your family are doing ok. Tell your mom I'm thinking of her, and she's obviously a lot stronger than she gives herself credit for.

7:07 AM  

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