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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm doing lots.

I love the week before Christmas. It means less work and more time to do things like:

-make my holiday gifts for friends and family
-make the wrapping paper for my holiday gifts for the friends and family
-make hot chocolate, courtesy of williams sonoma, courtesy of someone unbeknownst to me who planted it in the office kitchen
-adding a marshallow to that hot chocolate and making it probably the best damn hot chocolate ever in the world of hot chocoates- seriously delicious
-get all errands done. since i've been so damn busy the last month i haven't had time to do anything. the last few days i've ordered about 100 books/dvds/cds from the library and read about 20 emails. it's a slow process but i only have 65 emails to go through now!
-take every precaution known to man so i don't get sick. everyone at work is sick, and instead of using up a sick day they come here infesting everything. it honestly grosses me out, to the point that i might not come in tomorrow because every single person around me is either coughing or sneezing. i rather hang out with a bum all day then be sneezed on from 9 to 5. so far i have been so good. washing hands, drinking lots of oj and tea and water, taking echineachea and airborne and trying to get 8 hours of sleep. these people here who are already sick are taking airborne like it's crack, when they don't understand that things like that (and echineachea) are things you take to prevent getting sick. they don't make the sick go away. just proves my point that people are stupid.
-watch no tv and only listen to KEXP (in case you don't live in Seattle, you should stream kexp because it's great! kexp.org is where you need to go! GO!)

So, there you have it. I'll be in the S. Florida area for a week starting Saturday. It'll be the first time visiting since last year's nightmare. Should be interesting...But I can't wait to see my Mom all on her own!



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