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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just another day.

This Saturday I turn 28, and just in case you want to give me gifts (cause I know you do):


and anything on my wishlist at:

amazon.com (just type in my email address under the wish list part. it's easy and fun to give gifts, i promise)

oh, and ya know anything from Aprie, Pitaya, Club Monoco and Anthropoligie

I was thinking of everything that's happened when I was 27, and man oh man:

-I quit one job
-Left Michigan
-Moved across the country for my brand, new (and much better) job
-Drove across the country to get there
-Dealt with my parents divorce
-Got robbed (and almost arrested)
-Got an ipod (that's a big deal)
-Finally bought that ticket to Portugal (only took 3 years)
-Found a great boyfriend
-Broke up with great boyfriend
-Got a sewing machine from great ex-boyfriend
-Sold my first car
-Found out I'll have to move from the apartment I just moved into within a year or so (thanks Seattle Light Rail System!)
-Learned how to silk screen

There's probably a lot more, but I just decided that I'll be leaving early today and the bus comes in 10 minutes.



Anonymous brian said...

wait, please expand upon the following:

you almost got arrested? when/where did that happen? I don't remember reading it in this here bloggy.

you have to move because of the light rail system? what, are they going to tear your building down or something?

and have a happy birthday.

8:38 PM  

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