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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Let's back up a bit.

Before saying good-bye to my precious (car), I went home. Well, not exactly home, but nearish where home used to be. I guess it's now my new home, with my new pool and my new patio and my new room with my new fold out couch (instead of my old bed). It was all very very different. Not in a good or bad way, but just different.

But I realized how far my mom has come from. Imagine never ever living alone. And then, WHAMO, you're 60 and suddenly you're on your own for the very first time in your life. I'm not sure how I'd handle it, but I totally look up to my mom. She's courageous and I guess, really, she either had to do this or not survive. This is what living is- it's surviving circumstances that are thrown your way. However you handle them is up to you.

Now that I've gotten all that out of the way, let me describe how hard it was to get out of Seattle and then back to Seattle. VERY FUCKING HARD!

I've never really had problems on planes. A few minor delays, but besides that, nothing to really cry over (oh wait, there was that one time I just lost my ticket, before electronic tickets were invented and I had to buy a whole new ticket- what a mess!)...

And everything was seemingly fine as we were pulling out on time from Seattle, when- what is this?- we had to pull back in because "something is wrong with the plane and we're gonna try to fix it" (words I just love to hear). It was supposed to take only "30 minutes". Now imagine a Seinfeld episode and 3 hours later we were all still sitting on a plane that was going nowhere. At the 3 hour mark the pilot decided we were allowed off the plane. At the 4 hour mark we were cleared for take-off. I had already missed all connections from Dallas, and American Airlines set me (and about 200 others) up in the Hilton (and gave us $10 vouchers for dinner at the hotel where the cheapest salad was $15). That day I had woken up at around 7 am and had finally found my hotel bed at around 1:30 am. I then had to wake up 3 hours later to make the only connecting flight I could find out of Dallas to Fort Lauderdale. It only took 2 days, but I was finally home (well, my sort of home)!

From home, I did the following (in no particular order):

-Went to my new beach
-Went to the pool
-Watched way too much TV
-Finally saw Borat (which wasn't as great as I thought it should be/nor did I find it at all offensive/but I did think it was humorous, even if Christopher Guest does a better job doing the mockumentaries)
-Went to the Bodies exhibit (if you have this in your area, go go go! it's just crazy amazing)
-Went to the Everglades and Robert is Here (a farmer's market right near the Everglades and probably the best place ever to get a Strawberry Banana Cocunut smoothie)
-Got my nails done. I only do this once a year, and it's always when I come home.
-Got a much needed haircut. And then found out if you have curly hair (to my surprise I've discovered that my hair likes to change it's genetic makeup and has gone from straight and frizzy to overly curly like overnight) that you should only shampoo it once a week. I know you're thinking, gross! But I tried it and it totally made my hair awesome. Plus I save all that money on shampoo! This just makes me happy all around.
-Knit my ass off
-Smoked too many cigarettes thanks to my mom. I should never live with a smoker.
-Ate out way too much. The healthier I become the more I dislike going out to eat. I've become weird. I know this.

And that's about it. It went by way too fast, as most vacations do. But it was fun and very much needed.

Then I had to fly back. And let me tell you, if you have to take American Airlines I warn you with extreme caution that you should bring tissues because there's a good chance you will cry at least once from their stupidity or negligence.

I thought since I had a yucky experience coming to Florida, that maybe the airplane gods will be on my side going back. I was dead wrong.

My flight was cancelled. When I called to ask why, the first lady I talked to simply said, "Dallas is experiencing tornados and if you notice, all flights going to Dallas are cancelled." Really? REALLY?!@ Because when I checked all the flights going to Dallas, mine was the only one cancelled. All others seemed to be going everywhere just fine. So for some reason my flight was the only one that was effected by this mysterious weather that was happening. So be it, let's find me a way back to Seattle.

I purposely called AA on two phones, just in case. So when I got the first lady she said that I wouldn't be able to leave anywhere until Monday. It was Saturday. I was slowly getting pissed yet again with AA. I asked to speak to their customer service, because this was just not acceptable anymore. She said AA doesn't have a customer service that you can actually call. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!! I was fucking shocked by this. Apparently, so many people have called to complain about AA, that they stopped having operators and only function through email or fax. Now, that's customer service.

So, I asked the lady if maybe their were flights out of West Palm or Miami. She said only one in Miami for that Monday. I said book it and hung up. Now, the second lady had just come on my second phone. I explained that I wanted to get to Seattle, blah blah and she's informs me that there is a flight from West Palm to La Guardia then I'd have to take a shuttle to Newark to which I'd then go to Seattle. That plane was leaving on Saturday in about 3 hours. WHY DIDN"T THAT FIRST FUCKING LADY FIND THAT FLIGHT?! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHY DO I HAVE TO TALK TO TWO PEOPLE TO GET SHIT DONE!!!! I HATE AMERICAN AIRLINES WITH A FUCKING PASSION!!!!!!

I changed my Monday reservations to the one that was leaving on Saturday and hoped to god that nothing weird was going to happen. The only weird thing that did happen, was when I missed the $30 shuttle at La Guardia and since the next one wasn't coming for another hour (which would have made me miss my flight) I had to take a $90 cab ride to Newark instead.

Don't you just love travelling?

Next time I'm going direct. And I won't be dealing with American Airlines. Because I hate them. A lot.



Anonymous maurene said...

American Airlines sucks. I can't believe that happened to you--my friend just flew in to visit and not only was her flight delayed due to a MISSING flight attendent, but she missed her connecting flight and they lost her luggage. Blows.

7:55 AM  

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