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Monday, February 12, 2007

All better...

So, last night I finally got like 8 hours of sleep. I felt so happy when I woke up at 6am today. It was truly a miracle. RELAX MOM!!!!!

Onto the topic at hand.

Plenty of people get perks at their jobs. Nowadays you almost expect a Christmas bonus or a random early day off if it's slow. But I think out of every job I've had, what I did today was hands down the best perk ever.

I got to go to KEXP (local indie radio station) to see an in-studio performance. Who performed you might ask? Camera Obscura, that's who!!! There I was just sitting in the production room with 2 of my friends, watching the band play 4 songs like they were playing them directly to me. There were about 7 of us in a tiny booth, just swaying back and forth, whispering along to their angelic songs.

Knowing that I'll probably pull another all-nighter today, this was the perfect perk to distract me even for a little while.


Blogger Mayarn said...

So. Jealous.

(about the camera obscura part, not the all-nighter, obvs.)

6:29 PM  

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