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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Never have I ever...

Here's another meme I created just because:

I haven't watched: CSI, The OC, a full episode of Everyone Loves Raymond, Still Standing, The Class and Heroes.

I haven't read: Moby Dick, The Old Man and The Sea, The New York Times, an article in Vogue and The Da Vinci Code.

I haven't purchased: a digital camera, a laptop, a flatscreen TV, a cellphone that flips or slides or is as thin as me, a CD in the last 2 years or a song on itunes.

I haven't eaten: fast food in over 3 years (I had 2 sliders last Valentine's day, but that was for the occasion), cow's brains or caviar.

I haven't drank: Manichevitz in a long while, a coke product in an even longer while and a coffee malted from Haagen Daaz in the longest of whiles. (mom, we forgot to do that! and the ice cream at larry's doesn't count!! maybe next time...)

I haven't seen: Citizan Cane, Casablanca, all of A Wonderful Life, A Million Dollar Baby, Pi and Dreamgirls (although I don't think I'll care either way about the last flick).

I haven't heard live: Elliott Smith (I'm bummed about that one), The Beatles, The Postal Service, Cat Stevens (more bummage) and Interpol.

I haven't traveled to: South or Central America, Australia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Toyko, South Korea, Mexico, Hawaii, Maine, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

I haven't had the desire to: make babies, have a fancy wedding, get married altogether, snowboard, scuba dive, snort coke, become someone's boss, be on tv (even for a second) or slit my wrists.

I haven't: kissed anyone since October(!), been in an actual snow fight, gone to jail or sewed anything on my new sewing machine (but i will soon enough).


Blogger marcia said...

Sorry but you will never get to see the Beatles! Cat Stevens isn't Cat Stevens anymore your not missing much!!!!!

Now you've got me yearning for a coffee malt.

Million Dollar Baby was wonderful! A Wonderful Life is on every year around Christmas don't waste money renting it. Casablanca are you sure? It's a classic one of the best movies ever!

3:59 PM  
Blogger mayarn said...

i am ashamed to admit that I ate a mcdonalds hamburger a couple weeks ago. It kind a hurt my stomach and definitely made me feel gross. But I was desperate - 5 hours on trains and busses between NYC and Boston will do that to a girl.

5:58 AM  

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