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Friday, January 19, 2007

Hopefully this won't happen anytime soon.

I just rented the last season of Six Feet Under (thanks library for being free and shit!), but it really got me thinking about death.

I hate that I can't show my grandma that I finally took up knitting, that I've made matzah ball soup, chicken soup, haroset and potato laktes thanks to her recipes. I wish her funeral consisted of all her favorite things, instead of us just sitting in some cheap looking temple and then hanging out at our house just staring at eachother, wishing it was tomorrow instead of today.

So, this got me thinking about my own death and what I would like. My mom will absolutely hate this blog, calling it a "Caniena Herah" which is yiddish (and very bad spelling) for jinxing yourself.

My list of songs I'd like to play during the ceremoney and thereafter would be (in an order I haven't figured out yet):

If you want to sing out, sing out. Cat Stevens
Hide and Seek. Imogen Heap
Oh Yoko. John Lennon
Needles in the Hay. Elliott Smith
This Woman's Work. Kate Bush
Dog Got a Bone. The Beta Band
The Good Times Are Killing Me. Modest Mouse
Sittin' On The Dock of The Bay. Otis Redding
Lovely Day. Bill Withers
Heartbeats. The Knife

I'd want at least one person to pass around a joint and talk about the good ol' days. I'd want there to maybe be a pool party (if I die in the summertime). Or at least some kind of card game played, as I think only my sister and Mike know how to play backgammon. I think the knitters should definitely knit and the food should consist of only good produce, smoothies and lots of peanut butter. If there has to be something bad to eat, then I think there should be an abundance of reeses peanut butter cups and tuna fish sandwiches that my mom should make, with lays potato chips and dr. brown's soda (cel ray or diet black cherry because no one really like cel ray except for me). I think there should be goody bags too.

Inside the goody bags, there should be the following:

A mix of the above songs.
A notebook that I've made.
A necklace made out of one of my backgammon or mah jong pieces.
An advertising or knitting book I currently own.
One of my many jackets.
A garbage pail kid (A friend of mine recently bought too many on ebay, and has been giving them away to anyone who comes to his apartment. That means I have a lot now too.)
A concert ticket that I've attended and have been keeping for whatever reason.

Maybe there would be Degrassi on in the background, or Project Runway or Lost (but that would just things weird, right?). I kinda hope there's a breakdancer, just cause I think they're cool and it could lighten up the mood a little. And maybe there could be a roulette table that always lands on 13, but I think that could be pushing it a little.

The more I think about this, the more I think it would be a pretty eventful occasion. It would be like My Super Sweet Funeral, but without the expensive car and all that "I want it now, Daddy." bullshit.


Blogger marcia said...

I luckly will not be there for your funeral. You will have to be at mine.And what in the world does the last sentence mean Daddy something???

3:54 PM  
Blogger mayarn said...

I love backgammon - how come we never played it? I even have my own sexy velved backgammon board. Let's play it before either of us ever have a funeral, ok?

7:33 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

I'm on board for this type of funeral. At my grandpa's funeral for some reason, it was a really happy celebration of his life. I mean, I still cried, but it was not horribly depressing either. People called us the next day and said they had a good time at the funeral.

Mine will have some Johnny Cash, I'm thinking Ring of Fire maybe.

I thought the final episode of 6 Feet Under was really good, and I too benefitted from the free goods at the library for my viewing pleasure. My God, we are turning into the same person. :)

7:54 AM  

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