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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hey boys and girls. It's time to give me some recommendations! Get excited.

So, I'll be on an airplane for about 14 hours. Then I'll be chilling on the beaches of Portugal for a week. Then I'll be drinking Sangria in Madrid for the remaining days and then back on a plane for another 14 hours.

Here's what I need from you:

A good knitting project. Something that doesn't require too much of anything, although I am willing to make a blanket because I'd like to have something soft for reading on the couch. I basically need something though that doesn't require me to cut too much, or make me do anything crazy. I don't want to bump into my fellow plane riders too much.

A good book. This is like mandatory. I need something like A Time Traveler's Wife, because I read that and loved it. I really couldn't put it down. And it was 400+ pages. If it's an okay story, I get bored fast. I'll still read it, but by the end I usually have no idea what I just read. So give me your book suggestions. Even if it's about love or nanny's, if you think it fucking rocked the house let me know.

A good podcast. I currently only listen to Keith and the Girl. I also download channel101.com and sometimes NPR. I actually just got a bunch of Driveway Moment cds from the library and put them on my ipod, but if there is anything else you can suggest that's free that would be cool too. This is probably the least important but I'm curious if anyone besides me even listens to podcasts.

I'm about to put Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle on my ipod, and I have 5 other movies too. You'd think I'm leaving for a year, but I know me. I don't have ADD, but I do need lots of things to entertain me because I'm bad about sleeping on planes. I should probably buy one of those lame pillow things. Oh, and cards. Must remember cards. Anyone know good card games I can play solo? I know one. And don't say solitare, because the last time I tried that we had turbulence and it was more like 52 pick up then an actual game.

Alright, that's it. I'm at work and I think I have a meeting soon. So when I come back, I expect those recommdations or else.


Blogger Tactless Wonder said...

Do you ever listen to This American Life? Here's the website: http://www.thislife.org/
they have podcast versions of their show.

Socks are very compact to make on planes. But if you go for the blanket? Make it out of easy to manage squares/rectangles that you can sew together later. Blankets get bulky very quicly.

Go here for a really easy one-row scarf pattern:

Ne se about the books...

4:23 PM  
Blogger mayarn said...

I've spent some time listening to knitting podcasts, where they interview designers. Also, illustration podcasts. I like interviews with artists. Don't remember the names of any of them, though. Sorry - not much help in the podcast department.

Read History of Love! so sososososo awesome. I am not done yet, but I sort of don't want it to end. It's not super long though so you might want to get a couple other books as well. How about "a walk in the woods" by bill bryson? You would probably like that. Oh - and any of the America's Best Non-Required reading books would be good. I recommend the 2004 edition because I think the story "the littlest hitler" is in there (hilarious). Those books are good because they are a bunch of smaller bits, so if you don't like one story or essay, you can move on to the next.

Knitting. I'd concur on the socks, but knitting with those tiny needles sort of killed me the first time I did it (though now socks are pretty much my favorite thing to make). You could certainly give it a shot - the Sock Love pattern on the ChicKnits site is my favorite. Oh - you could make a one skien wonder. Or a boob holder. Those are easy, free patterns and are worked all in one piece. Or you could make a clapotis (from knitty). Super easy. You know i have knitting coming out my ears so I can offer more suggestions if you want them.

ok - that was the longest comment I've ever written that wasn't for school. bye now.

4:51 PM  
Blogger imran said...

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (great book,and a sincere look at life through and autistic boys eyes.)

It's a Bird
(about a writer who gets saddled with writing superman and tries his best to weasle out of it. pretty moving story about heroes in life and in print and coping with reconciling the two for better or worse.)

Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile
(if you've ever read a fable, had one told to you that made you think " you dumb little bastards, of course the house made of gingerbread is a trap!" or "was goldilocks into beastiality?" then this is the comic for you! its stars lots of fable favorites and begins as a murder mystery with the big bad wolf as detective. i have a feeling you'll like this one a ton.)

Y the last man
( this is the best graphic novel out today as chosen by me :D its got great artwork and strong leads in a post apocaliptic world where with the exception of two individuals all the creatures with Y chromosomes have been wiped off. lots of sarcastic use of the phrase "girl power" abound.)

10:41 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

i know we chat about books just about everyday, but i have to publicly say that i definitely was not as crazy about "a history of love" as maya was. it was good. but no time travelers wife, which may be the best book EVER. if you haven't read Middlesex, i would definitely put that on the list. i absolutely adore that book, and it's kinda fat, so it will get you through the trip. also, if you want something kinda light, read some jodi piccoult. she is totally drugstore/stay-at-home mom reading, but really quick reading that you just can't put down. for her i recommend "my sister's keeper." oh, oh. and since i started "prep," i think you would enjoy it. the main character, Lee, reminds me a bit of u.

and here's a thought, for podcasts, maybe you can download some, i don't know, spanish! or even portuguese! otherwise i love the this american life podcasts. i download those for trips, too.

and for knitting, i would suggest something small. like baby booties for tripp's baby! and for me, reading a pattern makes the time go by faster.

have fun!

10:48 AM  
Blogger maurene said...

I was going to suggest The History of Love too--it was very, very, very good. And in that vein, the author's hubby happens to be Jonathan Safran Foer. I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and that was really good too (but I like his wife better). I borrowed In a Sunburned Country from Maya (also by Bill Bryson) and so far it's really good. Funny and informative.

As for podcasts, I only listen to This American Life. Not very tech saavy.

Did you mention movies? Well, um Jack Frost (not the Michael Keaton version) is a recent favorite. Maya and Steve will back up its awesomeness. You could also watch L'Auberge Espagnole, which is a fun French movie that always seems to be a crowd pleaser when I recommend it.

Ok, you don't even know me. But there you go.

7:56 PM  

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