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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I get sappy before 10am.

Waking up at 6am on a Saturday really blows. Especially when I didn't get home last night until 2 and didn't fall asleep until 3ish. It's 8am now, and I'm finally getting tired again. Mom, please don't worry.

But because I'm up I've actually been watching the news and discovered that the lead singer of Boston, Brad Delp, died suddenly yesterday.

I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of Boston. I like them. But I do remember a time in college when I loved the song, More than a Feeling. Led Zepplein, Moody Blues and any other 70s rock ballad bands were basically the tops for me. My friend, Jessie, and I would blast their songs on the stereo and sing to them in my car. For some reason a lot of my best memories of college have to do with me singing to silly songs with friends. And I have a really horrible voice.

Jessie would never have been my friend if it wasn't for the sorority. I think I actually choose her for my "little sister" and even though I was on her list, I wasn't her "#1" choice. I remember after we became big/little, she confided in me that I wasn't her #1, but that she was happy she didn't get who she originally picked because that girl ended up being crazy or something. God, fucking sororities. Too funny.

Jessie was my only friend in college who liked what I liked. Sure, Beth and Caitlin liked drama, boys and smoking cigarettes, but Jessie cared about music and movies and TV. I know that's pretty vague, but when you boil it down if we have those 3 things in common you're pretty much set with me friendswise.

We actually lived together in NYC, and would spend hours giggling over how cute Justin from an NYU show called Dustin and Justin was. I especially enjoyed a time when she called to tell me I had to come to The Plaza, because she was about to deliver a tape to Richie Sambora and wanted to see if we could deliver it personally. I think we walked to his hotel room door hoping Bon Jovi would be in the hallway singing You Give Love a Bad Name, but no such luck. We chickened out and just left the tape at the front desk.

It amazes me that the last time I saw Jessie was in 2003. When she came to visit me in Atlanta then, I was living with Nik in a studio that could barely fit one let alone 3. But Jessie gladly spent the week inside our cramped dungeon, smoking cigarettes, playing Literati and talking about what the hell we're gonna do with our lives.

She's one of my greatest friends, and in exactly 18 days I'll be on her side of the world, travelling around, getting too tan and hopefully not killing eachother- especially if I wake her up this early in the morning.


Blogger Kelly said...

Old freinds are the absoulte best.

Maybe cause they know where you'd been and seem to be always cheering you toward something better.

Funny, we don't share taste in too much music, tv or movies, but maybe you like me cause I remind you of your mom. And I know how much you like her.

Either way, it's been nice chatting on the phone recently. Oh, and the Detroit St. Patrick's Day parade was the most random thing I've ever seen. I'll blog about it tommorrow.

3:10 PM  

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