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Friday, June 22, 2007

I don't wanna!

I was supposed to work after work today, but then Beer Friday happened and suddenly it's 11 pm and I can't even think.

So with that said I'll tell you a little story about this time I was waiting for the bus to go downtown. I waited while 2 young fellas were dealing drugs and talking about how they almost ODed. Here's what they said:

Coke dealer: Man, I don't even know man. It's like whatever.

Kinda cripped guy: Well, at least you didn't almost OD on the shitter in the hospital.

Coke dealer: What, dude?

Kinda crippled guy: Yeah, so I was in the hospital and they gave me Vicodin, Oxycotin and Methodone and I was on the crapper when I just felt like I was gonna die. So I'm screaming out to the nurses, "I'm dying. I'm dying." And all I was thinking was that I was gonna die on the shitter and it's all this hosptial's fault.

Coke dealer: Totally man.

God, I can't wait for my mom to come and witness shit like this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your mother can't wait to get there~~~

4:57 AM  

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