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Monday, September 10, 2007

colombia anxiety?

So I guess I'm buying a ticket home for the holidays soon. And because I have to do this probably within the week to assure low rates, I also have to decide if I'm going to Colombia (Bogota to be exact), because it's way cheaper to go from Miami than from Seattle.

I always get this anxious feeling when deciding on ticket purchasing. Is this the best flight? Is this the best day to go? Is this the best price? Will work decide that I have to work that week? Will I die in this foreign country? Will dogs mistake my organic deordant for coke and keep me in some weird prison till my death?

Has anyone out there been to Colombia? I always here from Americans that it's scary. Don't go. Are you crazy, they'll sell you for crack! But then I have my friend telling me it's so safe and that as long as I stick with her I'll be fine (she's from there). I get this feeling it's like Israel. My parents hated the idea of me going there - to this foreign country that's constantly in war. But you know, when I was there I never felt safer. Even when our schedule had to change due to bombs, I still never once thought I was in danger.

I'll have to take all these into consideration within the next few days, cause come Friday I'm either going to Bogota or I'm not.


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