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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Superbad is right.

So upon everyone's good praises I saw Superbad. Somehow I always end up seeing these comedies like Borat and Knocked Up way past their prime, and thus end up hating them.

Same with Superbad.

Everyone, even people I trust with movies, told me this was a good movie. Now I have to hate everyone because they don't know what's good if it was shoved up their ass with nice, warming lube.

I might have chuckled once, and that was to a scene that I already saw thanks to youtube. It had the same appeal as American Pie, but with less charm. The whole movie seemed like one big joke said over and over again.

Sure you can't expect much from a teen comedy, but I smelled every joke, every cliche scene, every puke a mile away. Maybe I'm too critical, or maybe I'm just the minority who knows what a good comedy is.

A good comedy should not be over 2 hours. This definitely was over the limit, as my ass was totally numb when I finally rushed out of the theater. I couldn't even make it past the credits, which I usually stick around for. I could've cared less about drawings of penises at the end, because I was so tired. Stop making long movies people. Just stop.

A good comedy should make people laugh. Even if it's the most cliched topic in the world, certain things can be switched around so that they are funny. Take Woody Allen in Annie Hall. Inheriently a classic comedy. And a total cliche about relationships. Except he made it funny, with something called wit and humor.

A good comedy should be memorable. I still laugh just thinking about Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. There's a line in Best in Show that Parker Posey says that no matter how much I've seen it makes me piss myself. And while The 40 Year Old Virgin was just okay, there's one of the greatest comedic outtakes that I've repeated in the office and made my former boss spit out his drink, the line was so damn crude/funny. I can't remember a moment like this in Superbad.

So obviously I give this movie a firm D. If it was on USA, I'd probably watch it again but then it would just be shittier because they'd take out the only good joke in the movie. Harmph.

Don't waste your money. See King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters instead. Now, that's a quality, funny, winner takes all, true to life kinda flick that everyone should enjoy.

Or at least I did.


Anonymous seth said...

Wow. Really? This movie has already ruined other comedies for me after seeing it twice. Why? The reason is simple -- it's more true to real life and every single word isn't scripted. I think this and the 40 Year Old Virgins and the Anchormans and the Super Troopers are paving the way that comedies should be made.

It's not about getting Jim Carrey or Robin Williams to do something off-the-wall bonkers. It's not about getting Eddie Murphy to go all cold on us and make 100 Disney films. It's about writing funny situations, getting truly funny people and have them interact in human ways.

This movie did that and I can't wait to see what else the Jud Apatows and Seth Rogans of the world come up with.

Shame on you! ;)

2:50 PM  

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