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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Big Idea

I know I come up with ridiculous ideas, like opening a vintage furniture coffee yarn store, or writing a graphic novel with no illustrator to help me. But this idea is sticking and I swear to Peanut Butter and Husky’s Ice Cream that it will. Why? Because like these other ideas, this has been a dream of mine. But unlike the other ideas, I have an actual plan!

And here it goes.

I’m paying off ALL my loans (which, as of right now is down to about $33,000 give or take a few grand, and while that might not seem like much or seems like a lot, to me it’s $44,000 less than I had 5 years ago).

I’m paying off ALL my loans in 5 years time.

I’m paying off ALL my loans by adding an additional $400-500 a month on those 2 loans (that I can’t consolidate since they are private loans). And making sure that this money only applies to the principal (for anyone who is paying off loans, I hope you know that this step is the most important one, otherwise you will be paying these people UNTIL YOU DIE).

And then, when I’m all done, I’m doing this for about half of a year.

I haven’t decided quite where yet, but I figure I have time to think about that. At first, I thought the simpliest option would be right here in Washington, but then I got into crazy mode and started looking into Hawaii and Australia.

So, why would I have to pay off my loans to do this one little dream? Well, because this apprenticeship doesn’t pay. Or it does in some places, but about $400 a month. I’d have a place to live for free and as much fresh food I can take so I'm not worried about that. But I’d have no money coming in, and I’d probably be using some of my savings. So I need to pay off those loans, you see. It's apart of the plan. The only downside would be if I had kids. That would just fuck everything up. So, cross your fingers the Nuva Ring stays put!

Now, that it’s on the internettingwebcycleoflife, I feel as if this is a contract to myself to really, truly commit to this plan.

Like I told Dominic yesterday, as much as I’d like to have my very own farm one day, I know I won’t really do it. I like vacations too much. I like randomly taking a day off of work and going to the movies. And when you have a farm you just can’t do these things (believe me, I’ve done my research). But, this apprenticeship isn’t really about that for me. It’s about learning something new, experiencing something different and doing something I’ve always wanted to do but in a much smaller scale. A scale I can handle so I can still go to Europe every year.

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Blogger Heidiblossom said...

I would wager that you could pay off your remaining debt in less than five years, judging on your past progress. Also, have you considered just saving up enough to be able to pay your bills and take a summer off to farm? It's more complicated, but I'd say the sooner you farm the better, five years from now we could be in environmental ruin and the farms could all be indoor hydroponics. Or you could just be sick of the idea. What a naysayer I seem when what I really think is: dreams dreams are so nice, I applaud your Big Idea!!!

6:19 PM  
Blogger Maya said...

I think this sounds like a perfect goal for you! Although, I agree with heidiblossom--you might want to consider continuing to aggressively pay down your loans, but also aggressively save so you can maybe do the apprenticeship sooner. I think you would love it and it seems like the sooner you can do it, the better, even if that means paying you have to pay minimum on your loans for those 6 months or whatever. Totally worth it, I think, to have the experience as soon as you can! But that's just my opinion. I know you'll make it happen somehow because that's just how you are. ;)

6:44 AM  
Blogger Barrie said...

hmmm...maybe i didn't make the loan part clear. i already pay $400 a month. now, i will be paying $1500 a month. i guess i could up it a little, but i also want to go to turkey next year. a girl has her priorities!

9:06 AM  

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