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Monday, August 25, 2008

Things I've learned while camping.

1) It is always nice.
2) Going with a group of friends you like is important.
3) Games are fun, especially when drinking in the woods.
4) If you can go tubing, then you should go tubing. That day will be the best one.
5) Always have one car go about 5 hours before you leave work. This will assure you a great spot, away from kids and dogs.
6) Go for the entire weekend. It's okay that you don't shower or wash your face. You'll be that much more excited to take a bath when you get home.
7) Don't bring everything in your house. Seriously. I can eat on pbj for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This crowd was a little bit more high brow. I kinda prefer my way just so you're not always taking things in and out of a car, but to each their own. I won't complain if someone wants to spend an hour making me Mexican Grits. No siree.
8) Bugs will happen. Just be one with it.
9) Always bring more blankets.
10) Fire is mesmerizing, no matter how many times you let someone else build one.

I've always loved camping. I think because I don't care about things like bathrooms or tv or constant stimulation. As much as I do things, I also like to do nothing. If I was a little bit more ballsy and owned a car, I'd go more often on my own. But I'm working up to that. For now, I'll keep going with friends because, well, they provide the transportation, the food and the good times.

Until next time!

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Blogger Maya said...

You were camping with us that time we made a huge breakfast feast over the fire, right? It was a headache to make, but totally awesome to eat! I miss camping... :(

12:37 PM  

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