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Friday, July 30, 2010

One of those days.

Morning: I go into the locker room of my neighborhood gym. I trust this gym enough to not lock my stuff up. It's the first place ever that I feel comfortable doing that. Lo and behold, my jacket and keys inside said jacket were stolen. It's such a small, stupid thing but I immediately felt down about it. I felt robbed - and I was. Worse off, the man at the desk was convinced I just missplaced it and had to prove to him by walking around 3 times searching for it that it was indeed stolen. By the 3rd roundabout, I was getting teary and calling Dominic to come home cause I had no way to get into the house. He didn't pick up.

After morning: I'm thinking of ways to get into the house. I had left a message on Dominic's phone, but his phone blows huger chunks that a sorority girl at a frat party. Plus, I knew he was in a meeting that could've taken hours. I walked to my friend's house hoping she happened to be home, when I knew she was in Denver. So then I thought maybe I could climb my neighbor's shed because our second floor window was open. But then the lightbulb went off inside my noggin, and aha! Our living room window was unlocked and I climbed on through. Crisis diverted.

Afternoon: Dominic and I got an invite to go on a HUGE sailboat. This thing was totally sweet and we were very grateful to be allowed on.

Shortly after the afternoon: As we were sailing onto the Elliot Bay, I sat on one of the available chairs. Immediately thereafter, I felt like something was poking me so I stood up to move the hooks that I thought were digging into my skin, when I sat it. A bee. Yep, I sat on a bee. It stung and it hurt, but I was a big girl. It actually didn't hurt nearly as bad as when I was stung on the bottom of my foot and so I believe I'm kinda a bee charmer and can just deal with these things. Dominic was very concerned and nice and made sure I was okay, when I was all, "Sure. I'm fine. Is it red? Let's just look at the view. This is silly." I put some baking soda paste on it and voila, another crisis diverted.

Nighttime: The view of Seattle on the water was just crazy incredible. It was one of those perfect nights, where we were all eating grilled prawns and steaks and watermelon, while watching the sun go down over the Olympics. It's nights like that that make me feel alive and grateful for the things I have. The people I love. And the beauty in everything.


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