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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Casino. Not just a memory, but a way to slack off at work.

I can shuffle like a badass!
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It's my last few times at the studio, and weirdly enough there's nothing really to do. We cut the spots, did the dispatch and John and I were just bored when he suggested cards. I love playing cards, and never have anyone to play with (euchre doesn't count. that game still confuses the shit out of me.), so of course I agreed and had him pick the game. He asked if I knew Casino, and my eyes lit up. I haven't played this game since I was about 16. And for the longest time I couldn't even remember the name of this game. I actually asked my mother once if she remembered what game consisted of 4 cards and points and blah blah, and she just thought I was on something looney (which might have been the case). But once John and I started playing, it all came back to me. It immediately made me miss my grandma. Staying up till 2 in the morning playing Casino and Gin with her, and either The Love Connection or some cooking show would be on in the background. We'd shoot the shit, and she'd tell me about the good ol' days when men actually delivered milk. These games/talks/insights that would eventually make me who I am today were awesome. I only wish I had known better to record these events, because I can't remember shit now and I know I'll definitely forget or embellish the stories when (if?) I have me some kiddies. Anyway, today all I needed was a little refresher and bam I was back into the game. John won of course, but I put up a good fight.

All right. That's all for today. My goal for the next two weeks is to burn as many cds as possible, and leave early/come in late every day until D day. The D stands for Damn, I'm friggin' excited I got me a kick ass raise!

Fireworks and boys commence tonight in downtown Detroit. Hopefully no one will be shot. Because I just heard this story of 6 people biting the bullet during last year's festivities. What is wrong with these people? Don't answer that.


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