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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dr. Phil and The New Opportunity

A few hours ago I started writing about this Dr. Phil situation that Caitlin brought to my attention, but first things first.

I got a new job at BBDO! See ya's later old job. Or at least see ya's later in 2 weeks. It's still Detroit, which still blows, but the money was right and this time I really will buy an ipod and maybe a lot more things. Jessie, I'll totally be visiting you now!!

As for everyone I'll miss, you know who you are and I won't get misty or some lame girly shit like that, but I'm glad I made friends so quickly. You guys rock da hizzouse.

I'll miss the free smoothies most of all. Hehe.

Okay, back to this crazy Dr. Phil shit. I get a call from Caitlin a few weeks ago about some chick in our sorority. Garble bargle bee, some dude proposed to her on DR. PHIL!!!!! Huh, what? I can't believe I actually know this person. Well, really I don't. I mean she was there the same time we were, but when Caitlin said Jen something, I knew I'd definitely not remember the chick. There's like over a hundred girls when we were there, and I was lucky if I could remember everyone in our pledge class. So, I just looked up the episode and sure enough I remembered the face and still thought, "Why the fuck would you do something like that? What is wrong with people? Why do people want to be on TV so bad? Why do people want the world to know that her soon-to-be fiance has problems with getting married. That his last girlfriend cheated on him 14 times?"

I don't want to know that. And I'm sure you don't either, and besides who cares when I just got me the fuck out of here!



Blogger seth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That = awesome.

5:11 AM  
Blogger Barrie said...

seth- Thanks!!

6:48 AM  

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