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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Beautiful/Fucked Up People

This morning whilst listening to my favorite morning talk show (Drew and Mike 101.1 FM), they were discussing this website:

Beautiful People are lonely too.

I mean, really. Really? These people are worse then those lame fucks that go on HotorNot. Because I really think these people are trying to find equally beautiful people to spend their beautiful lives together. So, I had to go on it and investigate. And of course, these people weren't that beautiful. And one guy, I think, was naked. Sure, some of them were pretty, but most of them were average. When I think beautiful, I think Smith Jared or Heidi Klum, not John "I won a beauty contest when I was 5" Doe.

I have exactly 3 minutes now to write the rest of this, so I will now introduce you to a pretty funny site. A site that I'm sure Debbie Disney will enjoy if she's still reading my blog (which she might not, because I think she hates me for some reason. oh well. another one bites the dust.) Either way, enjoy and have a great Wednesday. I'll try to hump something. I suggest you do the same.

I hate you too!


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