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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Carl told me to do it.

The Real Boss.
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Yesterday I was talking to a very sleep deprived Carl who told me that the word BOSS should make a comeback. And then requested that I mention BOSS in my blog in the hopes that it will spread amongst the 5 people that read this. Carl, your wish has been granted.

Now, for something less BOSS, I've realized I haven't really been annoyed lately. Maybe it's the summer. Maybe it's the new job (IT"S DEFINITELY THE NEW JOB!). But I sorta missed all the little things that pissed me off, so without further ado here's a list (for the squeamish, I will warn you there's some personal girly things in this list)

1. At my gym, the old guy that spends about 30 minutes on one machine not because he's slow or taking his time, but because he's reading a fucking magazine in between sets. YOU SHOULD DIE OLD MAN!

2. Anyone going 45 miles per hour on I75 should be taken out back and shot. I'm not kidding. Really, I'm not.

3. When I don't get my period for 6 months, and then get it TWICE IN 3 WEEKS! WTF ovaries?! Are you playing dirty tricks on me?

4. That there's something in Michigan known as the Dream Cruise and even though the main event doesn't start until Saturday, yesterday there were at least a hundred fools on lounge chairs admiring crappy old cars. Go jerk off someplace else, like your garage you fucking greasy bastards.

5. Whenever I mention the idea of going to The Renaissance Festival to anyone all I get are snickers and gross, as if! I didn't ask for your fucking comments, I asked if you wanted to go!!

6. When I try to reach my friends via phone I can never get ahold of them. BUT if I email them, they will instantly email me back.

7. Text messaging gives me the creeps and anyone that can type a message too fast is a fucking loser.

8. And Blackberry's are even scarier. And will one day take over the world. You've been warned world.

9. The two times I go to Trader Joe's in a month and they don't have the two things I want. Who runs out of Trader O's and Cottage Cheese? Who damn it!

10. My back and neck hurt so fucking bad that I'm afraid I will soon turn into my mother's body and just give up altogether.

Okay, so I know that none of that was BOSS. But now that I got all of that off my size B chest (on a good day) I feel as though I can successfully write some kick ass radio that probably won't be sold.

Good day.


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Anonymous Carl said...

That was mad crazy boss.



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