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Friday, August 19, 2005

Um... congratulations.

Ready, set.. GET MARRIED!
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Mark (my old roommate) is getting married. BUT, let me take two steps forward and then a few steps back here. Here's the timeline:

Last month: Mark meets pretty Jewish girl at his new job while doing a shoot.

Three weeks ago: Mark tells me he's in love.

Two weeks ago: Mark tells me that the Jew and her are looking for a house together.

One week, 6 days and 55 minutes ago: I give Mark the number to some fabulous psychratrist in LA.

Last week: Mark says they've had there first fight. How cute.

Yesterday: Mark proposes to girl.

Tomorrow: Mark will most likely get hitched.

10 minutes after that: They'll be expecting their first born.

15 minutes after that: They'll die.

Congratulations Mark (I think- hehe).


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