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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Coffee makes me poo.

Ugh, I only drink the shit if completely necessary. Maybe I was a Mormon in my former life or something, because I can't even drink pop, I mean soda, I mean coke (damn it!). Anything with caffeine just makes me way too fucking jittery. And coke just gives me the hiccups or makes me burp abnormaly loud. But when you go out until 2, drink too many beers and sneak the occasional cigarette and then you feel like shit in the morning, you (or at least me) have to give in to the free coffee at the office. And then I have to dump a lot of that clumpy sugar and then for no other reason then to make my coffee look like a lighter shade of brown, I apply that gross creamer powdery shit in to the mix. But now I have some kind of fuzzy feeling. The lights are looking blurry. I want to get up and do jumping jacks, but then again I don't at all. It's like I'm in fucking purgatory (if I believed in purgatory, which I don't because when you die you're just dead. that's right, dead!). Oh geez. Here I go rambling again. Good thing it's Thursday. Good thing I can almost touch the weekend. And with that, enjoy the day after hump day. Must. Drink. More. Coffee.


Blogger Mayarn said...

I've only recently begun to admit that I am addicted to coffee. I can't imagine my life with out it. Does it "complete me?" Umm...welll...yes.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Barrie said...


i think they have meetings for people like you!

oh mayarn, don't leave so soon. who will i be friends with now?

8:52 AM  
Anonymous tripp said...

did you leave the sanitary paper seat ring on the toilet again?

10:28 AM  
Blogger Barrie said...


shouldn't you be getting your wife of 5 minutes now pregnant or something. hehe. god, that fucking rumor. i still can't believe they thought it was me! with all those pregnant women, i always figured it was one of them. or NANCY! hehe.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous tripp said...

i've been working on getting her pregnant since tuesday night. and what's with no mention of the wedding on the blog? i feel slighted i didn't earn some smartass blogage about it. hurrrumph.

1:21 PM  

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