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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Partly my ass!

Fuck you weatherman!
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So, it begins. The downward spiral of Michigan's crappy weather. It's already in the 60's and it's fucking August people! And everyday the stupid weatherman says, "It's partly cloudy for the week, until the weekend blah blah barf go kill yourself. Now back to The Today Show."

Except when I look outside all I see are grey looming death clouds. No "partly" anything. I don't see no damn sun! So, why don't you take your weather stick and shove it up your ass. OR instead of reporting weather inside while looking at some blue screened monitor, why don't you actually step your ass OUTSIDE WHERE WEATHER ACTUALLY HAPPENS YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! Argh. Weather. My nemesis! I'll get you one of these days.

Oh, no. I"m not making sense. Watching Yacht Rock made me a little coo-coo this morning. Doesn't everyone just love those Hall and Oates? I know I do!

Not sure what Yacht Rock is? Oh, well, you are surely missing out.

Yacht Rock ROCKS!


Blogger Mayarn said...

I was driving back to the office after lunch thinking how pretty the clouds were today. At least they are puffy and separated and not one giant cloud blanket.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Barrie said...

Yeah, they're actually parting a little. But yesterday and this morning they totally sucked. Looked like it was gonna rain kinda clouds. The worst. Especially when it's mixed in with cold and all I want to do is go to the park! ARGH!

10:28 AM  

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