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Monday, August 22, 2005

Fibers and fevers.

Whatcha lookin' at?
Originally uploaded by barliss2.
The fiber festival was a success. Maya found the perfect yarn for my kick ass tank top thingy I'll be making. It will be a huge step in my knitting progress, as I've never knit in the round, I've never made something that could actually fit me and I've never made something as awesome as this:

Awesome Tank

We'll see if it actually looks like this once I get my hands on it. But the Fiber Festival was fun. Touched pretty yarn, petted pretty animals, looked at sheeps balls (which were huge by the way) and then camped where we (or was it just me?) got drunk on 3 dollar Trader Joe wine. It was great.

The next day, we ate our celebratory morning smores and went for a hike. Maya and I could've kept going and going, but because Becky and Kelly kept hinting "Oh, I think that's where we go to leave." and then randomly disappeared Maya and I had to force ourselves to stop looking at pretty geese and admire glorious things like life and grapes to find their asses. It was sorta funny how split down the middle us 4 girls were. I had to get the wood, Maya started fires, I asked random people for fire sticks, Maya set things up- while Becky and Kelly stood there and admired it all, not really knowing what to do but to stand and admire. So it goes. They'll learn one day. Hopefully.

As for the fever bit in the title of today's blog, it's about this whole marriage thing. This week I have found out that 3 people I know just got engaged. Today, was the 3rd. My "sister" and "roommate" in "college". No, mom, not Caitlin.

It's all romantic or whatever. It's all fine and dandy I suppose. And I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen for me.

But we'll see.


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