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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The alien is leaving Warren.

Leo is going to The Richards Group! In Texas! And for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, this is actually a good advertising agency. And it's not in Michigan! And it has nothing to do with the automotive industry! And that is just fabulous!

He was my first partner at Job A and although we were not a match made, and Nicole (his girlfriend) ended up being my partner, we still had some good times. And with that said, here are some things I'll remember about good ol' Leonardo.

1. God vs. Client. God is going down! (I'd say who the client we worked for was, but honestly being reminded of Job A is starting to make me a little vomiteous.)

2. He's really good at keeping me up to date with anything on the internet. Almost too good. If I don't get a clipping from the BBC from him at least once a week I get worried that he might not be alive.

3. HE WOULD WORK EVERY DAY UNTIL 2 AM! And would do this without complaining, even though what we worked on was pure crap and that every good idea we had we knew would never amount to anything. I once photoshopped an award because he worked till 4 am for no reason. I don't think he does this now. I think he knows better.

4. He owns probably every single movie and cd in the whole entire world. Really. All of them. And he'll let you borrow anything you want, cause he's a nice guy like that.

5. For a creative person, he has the most impeccable cube I've ever seen. Even his posters are lined up perfectly. And I swear he dusts. I really wanted to turn everything upside down when he was gone on a shoot, but Nicole stopped me. Instead, we'd play April Fools Jokes by making it impossible to enter our cubes with really heavy, useless advertising books. Oh, it was funny.

6. He tucks in his t-shirts. He's the only person I know that does this. But if he didn't, he wouldn't be Leo.

7. If I ever wanted to get into a heated debate about anything, I know I can turn to him because he's all smart and stuff. Oh, and he's an alien. And from his country, you can pay to have sex in car ports.

We will surely get trashed on Thursday. I hope all your advertising endeavors are filled with Pencils (Pencils = Oscar) and late nights thinking up ideas whilst wearing a cowboy hat.


Anonymous Leo said...

Mmmmmm... car ports...

Thanks, Barrie. It's been fun. I beat you as far as leaving Michigan, but I'm sure I didn't by much.

See you Thursday. And I'll probably have my t-shirt tucked in, just for old time's sake.

2:09 PM  

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