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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh, you silly advertising.

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First things first. Is anyone else extremely disappointed that Lost won't be on for the next 3 weeks? I can't wait 3 weeks! That's like waving a bone in front of a dog and not giving it up until it's all soggy and stale. The torture. The agony! I will have to occupy my time with knitting I guess. And also, I was listening to Drew and Mike this morning talking about how boring yesterday's episode was, but I must disagree. I quite like Jin and Sun's story. I say that is a close second to Locke's. If anything, Charlie's story is the worst of them all. Blah blah you took heroin. Who cares?

In other news, I'm extremely busy. This is how shit goes in advertising. I'll be mind numbingly bored for a week and then BAM I'm loaded with work. So now I must write ads you won't read or pay attention to because the rest of the world could give a shit about silly ol' advertising. Unless it has to do with twins or monkeys you people just aren't interested. Well, damn it I'm gonna make you interested. Because that's my job.

Top that!


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