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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Don't take my word for it.

Watch the trailer:


In news you won't care about:
The cold, grey weather is starting to effect me. I can feel it. I think there's a reason I was born in Florida. I wasn't meant for this kind of weather. Although, it does give me an excuse to buy new jackets. And I almost bought one for a hundred bucks, but stopped myself because I realized I don't have a hundred bucks.

And now that I just talked to Jessie for almost an hour (and for those of you who don't know me that's a feat in itself. i don't usually talk on the phone for more than a minute let alone a whole hour! but i'm working on that, because when most of my friends don't live near me i have to use the ever burning cell phone in order to keep in touch). ANYWAY, she got me a little motivated to really save money to visit her in Spain. I'm hoping for April. I know I said I'd go there last year, but last year I wasn't making any money, I wasn't getting any raises and I was hating my life. This year is a little different. Now, I just hate the weather.

Happy Hump Day. It's also Columbus Day, and apparently Spain Day. Go celebrate!


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I think I prefer the original cut better. You know, the one with Cher in it?

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