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Friday, October 14, 2005

Don't get preggers if you're into that Scientology thing.

Holy crappin balls! I just read Yahoo news about how Katie Holmes is apparently "showing" blah blah blah. 3/4 of the news was pure crap, then the last 2 paragraphs totally freaked my fucking crap out of my butthole and onto my now shit soaked office chair.

I guess when you believe in Scientology and your pregnant, not only do they certify you as crazy, they also make you be completely silent while you push a friggin' human out of your coochie (yes, i said coochie-- what are you gonna do about it!). You can't scream, or make any type of grunting noises and of course no painkillers. So what then? You just sneeze and a turkey pops out? Apparently, these crazy looney tunes believe that a baby should be born into a silent world at first, as to not scar the kid. Don't mind all those camera flashes and the fact that your mommy and daddy star in shit movies, you'll be just fine because you'll be born in complete silence. WHAT FUCKING PSYCHOS!

Okay, to totally switch gears now- I must apologize for yesterday's blog. It was a mistake. I should have dedicated that blog to my sister, as yesterday it was her 39th birthday!!!

I barely remember her growing up. I remember that crappy house we lived in, where our walls were psycho ward green. And I remember lots of tie-dye. And I vaguely remember her calling me care-bear. I do know she was always running away. She was considered the outcast in the family for reasons I don't need to share with you. And then, one day had enough. So, she just up and left. I was only 6. She got married. She had my nephew. She only lived an hour away and I never really saw her. And then I grew up. I went to college, and realized I can do whatever I want and so what if there's beef between families, I want to get to know my sister damn it! So we did. And as much as she tells me she loves me and wouldn't tell anyone my deepest darkest secrets, I hope she knows the same is true for her. I love you. Happy Birthday (yesterday)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Religion is the crystal-meth of the masses."
-Salman Rushdie (on Real Time with Bill Maher)

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:17 PM  
Blogger j4r3d said...

Saw an entry of yours about Project Runway, so I thought you might be interested!


3:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crappy House Psycho green walls!! That house was beautiful & colors were in. You've hurt me deeply this time.

5:58 AM  

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