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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A story and then a list.

Yesterday, I wrote my last check to job A. It's a long drawn out story, but the people that know me understand THAT I AM FINALLY FREE OF THAT PLACE!!!! And this got me thinking of some memorable moments I had there. One being, of a time when I had to go to one of those seminars about 'working together and blah blahs'. We had to first all introduce ourselves and say what our favorite movie was. At least 6 grown women, all over the age of 30 said DIRTY DANCING. I was not one of these women, because I'm not over 30 and I'm also not completely pathetic. But then, I started thinking about it more and maybe these desperate hags were on to something.

Everything I know in life I've learned from Dirty Dancing:

1. This is my dance space. This is your dance space.

It's simple. Don't get to close to me, because if you do I feel all awkward and shit. Unless we're kissing.

2. Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Well, I actually like corners. But what I don't like is someone putting me in one. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I immediately want to get out. It's like sleeping against the wall, when you want to sleep on the other side. I always want the other side.

3. Patrick Swayze

When I would watch this movie with my childhood friend over and over again, pausing everytime to see the Swayze butt- I realize I was practicing my skills to use electronics. Oh wait, no- I just liked seeing his butt move in slow motion.

4. And all that dancing!

Okay, I really didn't learn anything from this. I am a horrible dancer, but I love doing it. So, there's that. I will get in these moods where I have to turn the radio up real loud and prance around like a moron. I'm like a child when I dance. There's no actual cool moves, just me bouncing up and down on the couch. I'm pretty sure all my good friends have seen this and would agree that I'm just a mess, but that it's pretty fun to watch.

And with that said, maybe Dirty Dancing was a good movie back when I was 10 and maybe I learned a thing or two- but really, those women at Job A really need to get out more. They're missing out on good movies, like Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I mean, really.


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