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Monday, October 24, 2005

Speedy blog.

I didn't think I'd have time to blog today, but I have a few minutes so I'll make this short and maybe even sweet.

1. The halloween costume was a success. And even though I was wearing the shortest skirt ever, I wasn't that cold. Bands setting motorcycles on fire, free beer and lots of people in crazy costumes helped. I think I might have one picture. I'll show it if I can get it.

2. My parents survived Hurricane Wilma. Their back yard is completely gone, my grandmother's old room is flooded and some tiles were torn off the roof. But besides that their cats are alive, and that's all that matters. BUT one man did happen to die while walking outside and a tree then fell on him. He happened to be from my hometown. I'm not sure who he is yet, or where this guy lived in Coral Springs, but I hope it's not someone I know.

Oh, and my sister's place did much better. But her car did not. A tree fell on it.

3. WORK!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy Grant in Ohio: "You were used. We were used."
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