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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

You wanna move in?

Let me describe where I live.

It's a nice little neighborhood. One neighbor is gay and has a great yard. Our other neighbors own a boat (which Maya, Steve and I have been on) and the local breakfast eatery (which is supposed to be fabulous, but expensive- so I haven't been). Then, there's the house right next to us. It's the eyesore of the block. One banister has completely fallen off. Someone went mad with a Sharpie and decorated the front door. And at one point there was even police tape on the door. Their dog stayed outside every single day, even in blizzard like conditions. The kids have been known to sneak in or out of the house at random hours. And you couldn't really see from the outside, but I always imagined the inside was filled with newspapers and mattresses, because they'd only take out their garbage every 3 months and those would be the contents on the curb. Yet, I don't think these people weren't crackheads. I think they were just old and poor. Once Maya bumped into the grandma's car and the car was already so damaged that you couldn't even tell where she had hit it.

Then last week something happened. Steve and I noticed a random moving truck. And the guy that we just assumed was the visiting dad (because we believe the grandparents took care of the kids) was just chucking things into the truck. We never said, "Hey, are you moving?" because it didn't seem like they were. It seemed like they were maybe clearing things out, or moving the oldest daughter to college or something.

But then they just disappeared. And the only reason I knew they disappeared was because the dog was gone.

And then there was a notice on the door.

And yesterday, the rest of their stuff was on the curb. Beds, tables, desks, toys, books, clothes, armoires, kitchen stuff. Everything was on the curb. I'm not even sure what they must have put in that truck. Probably just the TV. The one that would be on at all hours.

It's weird. But I'm glad they're gone. I think everyone is.


Blogger csc said...

I don't know if this is a short story or real life. I like it that way.

does the place smell funny?


1:59 PM  
Blogger Mayarn said...

my imagination has been running wild ever since steve told me about them leaving. It's sad and exciting at the same time. Still, I hope they buldoze the house and put a park there or something.

One time the grandma talked to me on the sidewalk. She was one of those people who just wanted to talk to someone. Anyone. I think she made some old, crotchety grandma remarks about how moving sucks (this is when my moving truck was parked outside). Oh god, the irony.

Also, those kids used to beg steve to take them camping and to play basketball and let them help him work on his motorcycle or do yard work... remember when you bought koolaide from them?

I could go on and on...but this is the longest comment ever so I will stop.

Peace out Police-tape-bum-family.

8:27 PM  

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