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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I hate you!

I hate you fuckers!
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I'm not a resolution kinda gal. I believe I'll quit doing something on my own time, not just because it's Jan. 1. In fact, that just seems stupid really. Ooh, it's Jan. 1, time to stop smoking crack! Why couldn't you stop smoking crack on Feb. 23? It doesn't make sense to me.

So, when I go to the Y and I have to wait 10 minutes because every bike, treadmill AND ellipitcal machine is being used I blame all the fucking fat fucks who think that this year there resolution is to lose that Christmas weight they've been packing for the last 10 years. YOU PEOPLE DRIVE ME CRAZY! Especially, when come February, more than half of you will be gone. Why waste your time? Why even think you're gonna do it? Let me, the orgasm guy and the chick that clearly doesn't wear underwear have our gym to ourselves! We belong here and you fucking resolution assholes don't. You're not fooling anyone. You'll always be overweight. You'll always eat doritos and pizza and wonder why you can't walk up a simple flight of stairs. So stop pretending that just because it's the start of 2006 you're really gonna do it this time. Because you won't. You're weak and you suck because you're taking up perfectly good space at my gym.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please post pictures of the chick that clearly doesn't wear underwear.

12:28 PM  

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