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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Entertainment Weekly actually stands for Ewww

Did anyone else notice the horrible new layout going on with just the first half of Entertainment Weekly? The back half looks just how it has always looked. Same font. Same layout. Same everything. I liked it this way. It felt like home. Not packed with information like a Maxim, but easy to follow like uhhhh Entertainment Weekly.

But when I read the front half, it's a completely different magazine. A new, weird looking font. Things misplaced. Pictures on the what's in, what's 5 minutes, etc. And even A FASHION PAGE!!! This is not the magazine I loved, that only supplied me with entertainment insider information. It looked like an US, Okay! or some other horrible magazine that features stupid shit like, Celebrities Take Dumps Just Like Us.

I was actually so disappointed with the new half part that it was the first time since they replaced Joel Stein with fucking Steven King that I wanted to write something to my good ol' magazine chock full of entertainment value, not gossip. But I won't, because I'm sure others will do that for me.


Blogger Mr. Blonde said...

Was there at least a good story on Brad, Angelina and Jen?? :-)

6:21 AM  
Blogger Barrie said...

NO! because it's not that type of magazine. it's about actual entertainment. not about the gossip. argh to gossip!!!

7:03 PM  

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