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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I can pretend, can't I?

Yesterday I had to go to Target to buy an emergency car kit, in case my car breaks down after driving 34 hours straight from Detroit to SEATTLE! Usually I'm the kind of person that just takes whatever spot is open, because I don't mind walking the extra 3 feet. BUT, I noticed something kinda weird. There were two spots available in the front. Not for the handicap. But for Expecting Mothers! WHAT DA FUCK you might be saying to yourself?! How do they know? I mean, I could be expecting. What if, say, I was 2 months pregnant, does that still warrant me the good spot? What if I was adopting? Does that count? Luckily, there was a spot open right next to the Expecting Mothers sign so I didn't violate any laws, but really... would I get a ticket if I couldn't prove I wasn't indeed expecting a child? This seemed more crazy to me, then the stupid chick next to me who tried to back her Hummer into a spot that was much too small, but since it was up front she just had to have it. And it only took her 6 tries! Bitch, use your legs. That's why we have them?!


Blogger csc said...

I like how the woman in the Hummer, the most outdoor-survivalist, make of car there is. The car designed to take you miles away from any modern convience, a car build to conqueror boulders, fjord streams, climb mountains, and travess large patches of desert. But she's too lazy to walk 10 feet across a flat, parking lot.

2:22 PM  

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