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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Go Gators or whatever.

So, for the first time ever (I think??) my alma mater won The Final Four. The last time they made it to the Final Four I was actually in my junior year at UF. And the night went a little like this...

I was in the middle of this stupid drama because a friend of mine started dating a guy I kinda dated before. It was stupid. I was more mad that she lied to me about everything that happened, then the fact that she was dating this dude (which no one ever seemed to believe- oddly enough, he turned out to be gay). She was my friend, and now suddenly there was this awkward beef that led to many headaches and lots of tears.

So, the night we were playing Michigan State (is that right? how ironic??!) I got trashed on something. Probably cheap beer and buttery nipples, as those were my drinks at the time. And lo and behold, I ended up at a bar where this girl and her gay boyfriend were at. It was difficult because we had lots of the same friends, so I tried my best to go with the flow. And while smoking a cigarette, I guess I accidently burned her. I heard her saying some nasty unwarranted things about me, which was just so uncalled for. Mix that with me being trashed, and suddenly I found myself pouring an entire cup of beer on her head. It was actually pretty awesome, the balls I had to do something like that. But I remember feeling an extreme amount of adrenaline. And suddenly we were screaming. My friend was holding me back, although I'd never throw a punch. The girl figured the best way to fight back was to throw a beer in my face. And all I wanted to do was get out and cry. So that's exactly what I did. I never felt worse because I was just so naive and out of control. It's never fun to feel like such a schmuk.

Needless to say, we lost that night.


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