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Thursday, April 06, 2006


My DVR fucking hates that I tape Lost for some reason. The only show I give a shit about, and it never tapes it properly.

Case in point: Yesterday I come home from knitting with Kelly, and I think ooh, it's a little past 9. No worries, my DVR will come to my rescue. I turn on the TV. I see Hurley talking to Harry, from Sex and the City and then I notice that Lost isn't highlighted red like it should be. This has happened before. I've called the people at DVR land and the people that live there just think I'm wicked stupid. I don't do anything but hit record my favorite show ever, I tell you!!!

So, I'm secretly blaming Steve, because I have a feeling he probably taped a basketball game one day and it screwed shit up. I'm only blaming him because I have no one else to blame, except for maybe God.

So, I missed the first 10 minutes. And usually they rerun it on Saturdays, but of course fucking Minority Report with fucking Tom Cruise will be on instead. Basically, I want to kill everyone because I missed the first 10 minutes of Lost. I will never get those minutes back, unless I rent the whole damn series and that's just silly (but secretly tempting).

And oh yeah, I'm a loser.


Blogger Barrie said...

Update: Thanks to technology and the good people that work at the studio I'm currently at, I will have the first 10 minutes of Lost in my ipod (for free of course) in a day or two. Whew. That was a close one, huh?

10:10 AM  

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