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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm here.

So, I made it! I can't even describe how awesome it is here. I remember first coming to Detroit, and it was raining and I had this pit in my stomach saying everything was a little wrong.

But while driving on I90 for what seemed like forever, I finally saw Mount Rainer (sp?) and just couldn't control my excitement.

So, let me back up a little. Like the driving bit. IT WAS INSANE!!! This is the kinda trip you only do once, because man oh man was I tired by the end. Like the kinda tired where they warn you on The Today Show about how people die from sitting in the same position for too long without walking around. I got that feeling. All I wanted to do was stop and walk, but I knew I couldn't. I HAD to get there.

The highlights are as followed:

1. Almost hitting a family of deer at 12am somewhere in Montana. Luckily there was a little space in between the family, otherwise there would have been carnage everywhere and my car most likely wouldn't have made the rest of the trip.

2. The stars on I90 going through Montana were unlike anything I've ever seen. I forgot to take a picture, but hot damn were those suckers bright (although, not bright enough to see those damn stupid deer).

3. Mount Rushmore- I knew what I was getting into. And yeah, it's kinda corny and all, but still I had to see it and take too many pictures.

4. The Badlands in South Dakota- pretty fucking awesome. If you're a Star Wars geek you should go here. Dessert like mountains, with prairie dogs EVERYWHERE.

5. Wall Drug- you see signs starting in Iowa I think and they basically don't stop for another 12 hours. I got my FREE ICE WATER and left.

6. Idaho was shockingly very impressive. Mountains everywhere. A little scary driving through it all, but still pretty damn awesome.

7. Montana was by far the best. If you have a chance to even just drive through it, do so. You won't be sorry. Unless you drive at night on no sleep and almost hit 3 deer. But besides that, go!

So, now I'm at my new job and for reasons I don't feel like explaining I rather not tell you boys and girls where I'm at. Saying I'm in Seattle is enough. If you're an ad dork you can probably figure it out. If you're not, then do you really care anyway?

Hope all is well with everyone. I'll talk to you guys soon.



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