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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm leaving tomorrow.

As much as I've talked shit about Detroit, Michigan and its surrounding areas, this past year has actually been quite wonderful. I've made a lot of friends (to me 4 is a lot). I've gone camping, boating, seen enough concerts to put a pretty big dent in my wallet and well, I'll just miss it all okay!

Don't get me wrong, I still hate the winter. I still will be thankful if I never see snow ever again. But today, I walked outside and saw tulips growing in Steve's front yard and almost cried. I'm glad I get to see the start of Spring. In some cheesy way, it's like a start of something new for me too. Then I got misty in the car, seeing all the trees, thinking about all the people I might not see for a real long time. People who have told me that they'll definitely come and visit, but I know how things go. I've said those same things, and have yet to plan any trips with all of my bestest of friends.

To Kelly: You're probably the only one reading this, and of course as I type this Walk the Line is playing (I shit you not!). You know I'll miss you and all your crazy ways. Keep doing what you're doing, because everything seems to be finally working out. When I get to Seattle, I'll have a caramel macchiachito at Starbucks and think of you.

To Steve: I doubt you'll read this, but either someone at work will or Maya can relay this to you. You've been such a great roommate, thru thick and thin. And even if you do talk a lot, sometimes I actually liked it. You always entertained me with your joy for life and willingness to do anything all the time. You've become a brother I've never had, and I hope in our busy schedules we find the time to catch up every now and then. Now it's your turn to get the hell out of here.

To Devin: Part of falling for Detroit is thanks to you. You showed me the seedier, crazier sides of this town. Things I would have never seen if I hadn't met you. Again, I know you'll never read this, because for all I know you're probably still sleeping. But I'll miss you terribly.

To Mike: What can I say about him that he doesn't already know? Whenever I go to a party where old guys hit on me, whenever I see a fireplace, whenever I see that SNL skit, "come on old people, get on the train, the prescription drug train" I'll think of you.

Okay. Holding. Back. Tears.



Blogger Mayarn said...

Is it weird to say I'll miss you different now? Le sigh...

3:37 PM  
Anonymous seth said...

Where the hell are you going... you never said.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous the other roommate said...

what? no love for the guy that got your ass in detroit so you'd meet these friends and have the mad skills to get a better job in seattle?

2:32 PM  

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