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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The safest place on Earth????

So, if you read Yahoo News, you're probably as shocked as I am about this:

Woman dies day after after riding Epcot ride

Notice the typo?

Okay, that was my first reaction. My next thought was how the hell are people dying in Epcot? From boredom??? From Figment- the original purple dinosaur?

Apparently, some Gravitron type ride (did you guys have those at your local fairs?) are causing people to go to the hospital, and now this is their second death. This just blows my mind, as Epcot is the most boring place on Earth (unless you do the Drinks Around the World). Disney World is by far more entertaining, what with that ride that takes you through the generations and the wedge way people mover (my personal fave, and a place you can totally smoke pot without getting busted by the Disney police- not that I've tried that, but ya know you hear stories).

Hopefully, they'll recitify this problem or Epcots only thrilling ride will shut down. Making it, once again that place you go to just to see that big golf ball.


Blogger Barrie said...

P.S. I know that the Yahoo people are trying to say the woman died the next day, after riding the ride, but it just sounds funny.

8:52 AM  

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