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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dream a little dream.

A few nights ago, I had a nightmare. Although it might not seem like such a bad dream to some people, to me it was right up there with falling and realizing you’re not wearing clothes at school.

All I remember is that I was moving into my new apartment and I was very excited. I walked in and found that other people were living in there too. I thought to myself, “That’s strange. Am I at the right place?” So I checked, and yep, that was my apartment, but the manager forgot to tell me that I would be living with a few people as well. And then I noticed that the place was trashed. Newspapers everywhere. Garbage not put in garbage bags. And all that clutter!

I woke up in a panic, thinking that of course, this won’t happen, but holy shit- when did I get so scared about that kind of shit?! If you knew me in college, you know that I slept on top of piles of clothes and wouldn’t clean my sheets for months at a time. Maybe years…

Then, sometime during my years at PC I wanted to be organized and BAM! I did! Now, I can’t really go back. I’m this clean girl, now and forever. And hopefully my new apartment will be clean (and roommate free) when it’s officially mine. Otherwise, say hello to panic attacks.


Blogger Mayarn said...

Dang - i wish I could be organized girl! I can be organized about certain thing, but not my bedroom or clothes. I'm too lazy. and I get sentimentally attached to stupid things like pieces of paper and scraps of fabric that I should just be THROWING AWAY. But no. Clutter abouonds. Me crazy.

Anyway, I can see how that would be a nightmare for you. yikes!

12:51 PM  

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